The Secret to Getting a Raise and Promotion This Year

You know you deserve that raise and promotion at work this year, so why not make it happen? The truth is, your career success isn’t going to just fall into your lap. If you want to climb the corporate ladder and finally get the salary and title you feel you’ve earned, you need to take matters into your own hands. That means actively positioning yourself as the top candidate, strengthening your relationships, and ensuring the key decision-makers recognize your value. The good news is, with some planning and effort on your part, you can make this the year your hard work and ambition finally pay off. By following a few proven strategies, you’ll be in the best position to land that promotion you’ve had your eye on and negotiate a raise to match. Here are the secrets to getting the salary and job you want this year.

Assess Your Current Job Performance

The first step to getting a raise this year is making sure your job performance is up to par. Ask your manager for clear expectations and concrete ways you can improve. Take an honest look at your work and see if there are any skills you can build or processes you can optimize. Maybe you need to get more efficient with your time or improve communication with colleagues. Whatever the case, work on developing good habits and skills that will make you an invaluable employee.

Do some self-reflection and set professional development goals. (-) Learn a new software or technique that will enhance your work. (-) Improve skills like public speaking, critical thinking, or project management. (-) Keep a record of your accomplishments and ways you’ve added value. Come review time, you’ll have clear examples of how you’ve grown in your role.

Make yourself known as a team player. Help coworkers when they’re struggling. Take the lead on new projects. Share your knowledge and insights with others. Become the person people go to when they need help. Managers always notice employees who make the whole team better.

Take on more responsibility. Don’t just do the bare minimum required for your job. Look for ways to expand your role and contribute at a higher level. Ask if you can spearhead a new project or mentor another employee. The more you can handle, the more indispensable you’ll become.

When you show how much you contribute and your potential for growth, you’ll put yourself in the perfect position for a raise and promotion. Keep working hard and the rewards will come. With the right skills and attitude, you’ll achieve great things this year!

Set Clear Goals for a Promotion

To get that raise or promotion this year, you need to show your value to the company. The first step is setting clear goals.

Create concrete objectives

Sit down and determine exactly what you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months in your role. Do you want more responsibility? A leadership position? Higher pay? Define your goals and write them down. For example:

-Take on 2-3 new client accounts and increase billing by 15%

-Complete a key certification or degree program

-Train 2-3 junior team members

Develop an action plan

Once you have goals set, break them into smaller milestones. Figure out what needs to happen each month or quarter to achieve them. Identify any roadblocks and how you’ll overcome them. Your plan should include:

-Specific tasks: “Make 2 client calls/week”

-A timeline: “Earn certification by end of Q3”

-Resources required: “Meet with mentor monthly”

-Potential obstacles: “Pushback from current clients” and solutions: “Reassure them of continued quality service”

Review and revise your action plan regularly. Don’t be afraid to adjust deadlines or strategies as needed to keep yourself on track.

Share your vision

The final step is to share your goals and plans with your manager. Explain your career ambitions and what you’re doing to achieve them. Ask for their input and see if there are any other ways you can demonstrate your value. Let them know you’re serious about growth within the company.

Laying out a clear path to career advancement is the best way to make yourself an obvious candidate for a raise or promotion. Follow these steps and your goals can become reality this year!

Develop New Skills to Show Your Value

To get a raise or promotion this year, focus on developing skills that demonstrate your value to your company. Some key areas to work on include:

Technical skills

Upgrade your technical skills through online courses or certifications in your field. For example, if you work in marketing, learn a new social media platform or design program. If you’re in IT, get certified in a new coding language or software system.

Keeping your technical skills sharp and up-to-date shows your dedication to excellence in your role. It also makes you a more valuable asset to your company.

Soft skills

Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are vital in any job. Work on improving skills such as:

  • Active listening: Pay close attention to others and ask follow up questions. Show you understand their perspective and concerns.
  • Constructive feedback: Learn to give useful feedback to colleagues in a kind, considerate way. Also practice accepting feedback openly and making improvements.
  • Conflict management: Develop strategies for resolving disagreements between coworkers in a respectful manner. Stay calm and look for compromise and solutions.
  • Creative thinking: Take on new challenges at work to exercise your ability to see situations from multiple angles and come up with innovative solutions. New problems require new ways of thinking.

With a combination of sharpened technical and soft skills, you’ll demonstrate your increasing value and the advancement of your expertise. This progress, combined with consistent strong performance, makes a compelling case for why you deserve to move up in your role and compensation. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your manager about your career growth and what you need to do to earn a promotion. With hard work and persistence, you can achieve your goals this year.

Expand Your Network Within the Company

Expanding your internal network is key to getting noticed for a promotion. Make connections with colleagues across departments and build allies who can vouch for your work.

Reach out to key executives

Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to executives and managers, especially those in charge of the area you want to be promoted to. Express your interest in career growth and ask if they have a few minutes to chat about their role and experience. This shows your enthusiasm and gives you valuable face time. Send a follow-up thank you email to stay on their radar.

Join company networking groups

Seek out networking events, seminars, and social groups at your organization. This could be a women’s leadership group, a new hire meetup, or an informal weekly coffee klatch. Attend regularly, participate actively, and promote the value you can offer to others. People will remember your involvement and contributions.

Get involved in cross-departmental projects

Volunteer to work on teams that require collaboration across divisions. This exposes you to new colleagues, and lets influential people observe your skills in action. Be an engaged and cooperative team member, offering to help in any way needed. The relationships and recommendations that come out of these interactions can be very useful when promotion opportunities arise.

Build mentor relationships

Don’t overlook the benefits of finding a mentor, or being one yourself. Mentors provide guidance, advice, and advocacy. They can suggest projects to tackle that provide visibility, and may even recommend you for promotions directly. If you act as a mentor to someone more junior, this also demonstrates your leadership abilities. Mentorship is a two-way street, so be sure to maintain an open, reciprocal relationship.

Expanding your network within the company requires putting in the effort to connect with people, but the rewards of increased exposure, knowledge, and support can be well worth it. With the backing of allies and advocates across the organization, you’ll be poised to land that coveted promotion.

Have Regular Check-Ins With Your Manager

One of the most important things you can do to get a raise or promotion this year is to schedule regular check-ins with your manager. These one-on-one meetings are your chance to get valuable face time, strengthen your working relationship, and make your case for why you deserve to move up in the company.

Share your career goals

In your first sit-down of the year, let your manager know about your career aspirations and desire for advancement. Discuss specific roles or positions you’re interested in, and ask what you need to do to become a strong candidate. This shows your motivation and gives them insight into your priorities and development areas.

Request consistent feedback

Ask your manager for honest, actionable feedback at least once a quarter. Say something like, “I’m committed to continuous improvement. What are some areas I can work on to take my performance to the next level?” Then, follow through on their feedback and share your progress in subsequent meetings. Consistently meeting or exceeding expectations is key to career growth.

Track and share your wins

Come prepared to discuss key accomplishments, milestones, and wins since your last meeting. Be specific about the impacts and tie them back to your goals. Your manager can’t advocate for your promotion if they don’t fully understand your contributions. Help them connect the dots on why you’re ready for more responsibility.

Discuss next steps

At the end of each check-in, ask about next steps and timing. For example, say “What do I need to focus on over the next 3-6 months to advance my career?” or “When will the next round of promotions/raises be considered?” This helps ensure you’re both on the same page about priorities and keeps the possibility of career growth at the forefront of your conversations.

Following up regularly with your manager is one of the most proactive things you can do to accelerate your career. Make the most of your check-ins, share your aspirations, ask great questions and track your progress. Do this, and that raise or promotion can be yours!

Ask for More Responsibilities to Demonstrate Readiness

To get that raise or promotion this year, you need to show your boss you deserve it. One of the best ways is by asking for more responsibility. This demonstrates your ambition, work ethic, and readiness for advancement. Here are some tips to get started:

Ask your manager if there are any new projects you can take the lead on or if there are any tasks you can take over from them. Be specific about the types of responsibilities you’re interested in, such as mentoring a new team member or overseeing a key client account.

Volunteer to train other employees. This is a great way to display your expertise and leadership abilities. Offer to conduct a lunch and learn or create video tutorials on your department’s key processes. Make sure to get management approval first.

Request to shadow a higher-level employee. Ask if you can observe them for a few hours each week to learn the ins and outs of their role. Express your desire for career growth and ask them questions about their daily responsibilities and strategies for success. They may even become your mentor.

Take on extra work whenever possible. When a new opportunity or challenge arises, raise your hand and offer to help. Don’t be afraid to work longer hours when needed to get the job done. Your dedication and work ethic won’t go unnoticed. But be careful not to take on more than you can handle, or your productivity and work-life balance may suffer.

Discuss your career path and future at the company. Schedule time with your manager to talk about your goals and what you need to achieve them. Come prepared with specific ways they can support your growth, and ask them directly what else you need to do to earn a promotion. This shows you’re serious and keeps your manager aware of your ambitions.

With determination and the right approach, you have the power to advance your career this year. By actively seeking out more responsibility, you demonstrate to your company the value you provide and strong leadership potential. Keep working hard and don’t get discouraged. Your time will come!

Update Your Resume and Track Achievements

To get that promotion and raise this year, make sure your resume is updated and you have concrete achievements to share.

Update Your Resume

Review and update your resume to accurately reflect your current role and responsibilities. Double check that there are no typos or grammatical errors. Include relevant metrics and quantifiable achievements that demonstrate the impact you’ve made.

For each position, use strong verbs like “improved,” “transformed,” or “pioneered” to describe your key accomplishments. Rather than just listing your job duties, focus on sharing how you added value. Ask yourself, “What are my wins from this role that would be meaningful to my boss or hiring manager?”

Be prepared to speak to everything on your resume during your performance review or interview. Keep records and data to back it all up.

Track Your Achievements

Don’t just rely on your memory or a single year-end review to make your case. Maintain an ongoing record of your accomplishments, contributions and wins. Capture specific examples and stories that illustrate your impact.

Some things to track include:

  • Cost savings or revenue generated
  • Productivity or efficiency gains
  • Improvements to work processes, client experiences or team dynamics
  • Expanded responsibilities or mentoring of others
  • Recognition or kudos received from managers, colleagues or customers

Having this achievement log will give you solid evidence to demonstrate the value you’ve added when it’s time to ask for a promotion. You’ll have a proven track record of success to point to, beyond just your job description or tenure.

With an updated, compelling resume in hand and clear records of how you’ve consistently contributed over the past year, you’ll be in a great position to get the raise and advancement you deserve. Be ready to confidently yet humbly share your wins, passion for growth and aspirations for the future. The rest will be up to building a strong case and seizing the opportunity. You’ve got this!

Schedule a Formal Review to Discuss a Raise or Promotion

It’s time to schedule that all-important performance review to discuss a well-deserved raise or promotion. You’ve been working hard and achieving results, so make sure your accomplishments are recognized and rewarded.

Do your homework

Come prepared with specific examples of your wins and contributions over the last year. Quantify your impact whenever possible. For instance, “I generated 25% more leads this year through strategic social media campaigns” or “I cut costs in my department by 15% by streamlining our processes.” Also, research the standard salary range and job requirements for the position you want to be considered for. This will allow you to have an informed discussion about fair compensation.

Build a business case

Lay out a compelling case for why you deserve to be promoted to the next level. Discuss your relevant experience, skills, and career ambitions. Share your vision for taking on more responsibility. Come equipped with a proposal for transitioning your current work to another team member so you can focus on the new role. Your boss will appreciate your initiative and planning.

Focus on your strengths

While it’s important to take ownership of mistakes, a performance review is not the time to focus on your weaknesses or shortcomings. Keep the discussion positive by concentrating on your strengths, talents, and achievements. Discuss how you want to utilize your abilities even more in a new position. Ask your boss how the company can benefit from promoting you.

Discuss career growth

Express your desire for career advancement and promotion within the organization. Reiterate your enthusiasm for taking on more responsibility when the opportunity arises. Ask your manager what else you need to demonstrate to be considered for future opportunities. Get a sense of a timeline for possible progression. The key is showing your ambition and dedication.

Thank them for their support

End the meeting on a positive note by thanking your boss and company for their support and mentorship so far in your career. Reaffirm your commitment to continued success and growth with the organization. Be open to any feedback and next steps discussed for moving forward in your career. With the right preparation and approach, that raise and promotion can be within your reach!

Negotiate Your Salary Increase Like a Pro

So you’ve done the work and proven your value this year. Now it’s time to get paid and promoted for it. Negotiating your salary and title increase is a key career skill, so here are some pro tips to get what you deserve:

Do Your Research

Find out the typical salary range and job titles for positions similar to yours. Check sites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and See what people with comparable roles, experience, and at companies like yours are making. This helps give you a reasonable range to work within.

Focus on Your Value

Come prepared to clearly articulate your major contributions and the value you’ve added this year. For example, any major accomplishments, key wins, top clients landed or accounts retained, innovations implemented, mentoring done, productivity or sales gains, cost savings, etc. Quantify your impact whenever possible. Your boss and HR need to fully understand why you deserve this raise and promotion.

Discuss Your Career Growth

Express your desire for career growth and advancement within the organization. Explain how the promotion you’re asking for will allow you to contribute at an even higher level. Discuss your future potential and ambitions. This shows your motivation and dedication.

Do a Practice Run

Rehearse your pitch ahead of time. Practice your speaking points out loud, ideally in front of a mirror or to friends and family. Hearing yourself speak the words will make you more comfortable and confident when it’s showtime. Prepare for possible objections and how you’ll respond. The more you practice, the less likely you’ll be caught off guard.

Start High But Be Willing to Negotiate

When making your request, aim on the higher end of your research. But come prepared to negotiate if needed. Be open to alternative forms of compensation like extra vacation days, flexible work hours, or other perks or benefits that are valuable to you. Any increase is still progress, so stay positive!

With the right preparation and mindset, you’ve got this! Negotiating from a place of confidence and reason will make all the difference in achieving the salary and promotion you want and deserve this year. Best of luck!


So now you’re armed with the knowledge and ready to take your career to the next level. Remember, do your research, build your case, and practice your pitch. Come review time, walk in there with confidence, lay out your accomplishments, and show them why you deserve that raise or promotion. You’ve earned this, so don’t be shy! If they don’t see your value after that, then it may be time to look for a new opportunity where your skills and experience will be better appreciated. But stay positive – with the right preparation and persistence, you’ve got this in the bag. A new title and bigger paycheck are in your future, as long as you take the initiative. So go get ’em, champ! A whole new chapter of your career awaits.

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